Where Should You Get Night Guards in Winchester?

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, often happens at night and can lead to real damage to the teeth. While a dentist usually looks to the root cause of the grinding, it is important to treat the condition while it is taking place to protect teeth and try and prevent other symptoms, including headaches and jaw disorders. Night Guards in Winchester are the first step in trying to make a change. But when the time comes to buy one, where should it come from? Is there a real difference between the guards offered at the dentist office, online, or at the local store?

At the Store

Any type drug store or grocery store will probably have a section located by the toothpaste that will offer night guards. These guards are placed in the mouth and provide a barrier between the upper and lower teeth. While it does the job of creating separation, it is not customized to a person’s bite and can move around during the night, creating an uncomfortable sensation. It gets the job done and comes in with the lowest price tag, but may not be the best option.

At the Dentist

A dentist who diagnoses teeth grinding can usually create customized Night Guards in Winchester. This guard is shaped perfectly for a person’s teeth, providing a maximum level of comfort. Patients that struggled with the effects of grinding, including headaches, often wake up feeling refreshed after sleeping with the mouth guard that fits every curve and edge of their own teeth. The cost is the biggest downside because the custom night guard comes in at the highest cost. Contact Thomas Family Dentistry PC for more information on setting up an appointment for a customized night guard.

In the Middle

Some online sites offer to try and bridge the gap between guards that come from the dentist and guards that come from the store. Patients create a mold of their mouth using the given materials and then turn it in. From there, a night guard is created that is supposed to fit like the one created at the dentist’s office but comes at a lower cost. While in theory this is a great idea, it is hard to beat the customized fit that can be created in a professional setting.