How to Install Braces At An Orthodontal Clinic In Queens, NY

In New York, braces are installed to correct complex alignment issues. The patient has access to three different types of braces that are installed permanently. They include metal, ceramic, and lingual. The following steps are completed at an orthodontal clinic in Queens NY to install these devices.

Preparing for the Installation

A spacer is positioned in the mouth to push the lips out of the dentist’s way. Next, the teeth are cleaned to remove all debris from the tooth enamel. The dentist dries the teeth and applies a gel in the location in which the brackets are installed. The tooth enamel acquires a rougher surface to allow the adhesive to secure the brackets more effectively.

Installing the Brackets

The dentist applies a resin between each bracket and the tooth enamel. They use brackets that are designed for each tooth. Once the bracket is in place, the dentist applies an ultraviolet light to cure the adhesive.

Installing the Wires

The dentist connects the wires to each bracket. The wires are placed into the center of each bracket and connected with plastic bands. These bands are called ligatures and add color to the braces for aesthetic purposes. They create hinges for the jaw to restrict movement. The hinges are connected to the brackets and secured. The patient uses rubber bands to hold the hinges closed and allowed the alignment correction to progress.

Cleaning the Teeth

The spacer is removed to expose the entire mouth. Any excessive adhesive is removed completely. The dentist explains how the patient cleans their teeth after the installation.

Are There Restrictions for Wearing Braces?

The patient cannot eat any foods that stick to the brackets. They include hard or chewy candies, raw vegetables, and taffy. They cannot consume chewing gum as they stick to the braces and lead to damage.

In New York, an orthodontist addresses complex alignment problems by installing braces. These devices are installed permanently to straighten the teeth. Patients who require metal braces wear them for a period of up to two years. Patients who need an appointment with an orthodontal clinic in Queens NY Contact Queens Dental Professionals for more information today.