The Use of Partial Dentures in Salisbury NC Until Kids and Teenagers Are Old Enough for Implants

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Dental Care

Dentists strongly encourage patients who want to replace missing teeth to have implants set into the jawbone. These devices have significant advantages over dental bridges. One exception to this recommendation is when the patient is still too young to have implants placed. Children and teenagers who have had adult teeth knocked out can have them replaced with partial dentures in Salisbury NC until they are old enough for implants.

When Dental Implants May Be Placed

Partial dentures in Salisbury NC are suitable when the patient’s jaw has not completed forming. The completion of this process varies by the individual. In general, parents can start considering dental implants for a girl around the age of 15 and for a boy around the age of 17. Regular dental exams and X-rays allow the dentist to verify when the time is right.

Problems With Early Installation

Installing implants too early can cause problems as the jawbone continues to grow. Those implants may start to become crooked and push adjacent teeth out of alignment. Although the rods function as natural teeth roots, they do not behave the same way as those roots during jaw development. They may become fixed in place and thus appear noticeably shorter than the natural teeth around the implants.

Types of Dental Bridges

Bridges can be removable or fixed to the adjacent teeth with metal or resin devices. Parents will want to consult with a dental practitioner such as Robert S. Ogden about the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Kids and teens tend to want the bonded bridges so they don’t ever have to take the appliance out for cleaning. They want these false teeth to look and be treated as much like normal teeth as possible.

How These Incidents Happen

Youngsters of this age are somewhat prone to having teeth knocked out. This can happen during sports and athletics, during general roughhousing and in bicycle accidents. They sometimes fall from playground equipment. They may not yet have developed the fast reactions to protect the mouth with their hands. Contact us for a dental exam and the acquisition of customized partial dentures.

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