What to Expect When You Visit a Dentist in Blue Earth, MN, for a Checkup

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Dentist

Every dental checkup is a step closer to optimal oral health. Knowing what to expect when you visit a dentist can ensure you walk into the dental clinic with confidence. Here’s what a dentist in Blue Earth, MN, will do during the first checkup.

Welcoming and Checking-In

When you arrive at the clinic, a receptionist or patient coordinator will welcome you and check you in. They will notify the dental team of your arrival, verify your insurance, and help you with the necessary paperwork.

Review of Health History

The dental assistant will usher you into the treatment room and make you comfortable. Your family dentist in Blue Earth, MN, will review your medical and dental history. At this point, they will ask about your dental hygiene routine and any existing health issues.

Thorough Dental Exam

Next, the dentist will thoroughly examine your gums, teeth, and mouth and inquire whether you have difficulty chewing, swallowing, or opening your mouth. Depending on your history and symptoms, they can send you for an X-ray examination. The dentist in Blue Earth, MN, relies on X-ray images to identify underlying oral issues such as cracks, cavities, chips, or tumors in your jaw.

Dental Cleaning

Tooth cleaning is a standard procedure during the first appointment. Your dentist may perform dental cleaning to remove the plaque, which accumulates naturally over time. Cleaning can also remove stains in some situations.

Dental checkups are essential for good oral health. Visit Birch Street Dentistry to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Blue Earth, MN.

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