Three Questions Frequently Asked About Porcelain Fixed Bridges In Bethesda, MD

Individuals who have a missing tooth often visit their dentists and request a dental bridge. When the procedure is completed, the missing tooth is replaced with a tooth that looks natural and functions normally. If you’re interested in learning more about Porcelain Fixed Bridges in Bethesda MD, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) How does a porcelain fixed bridge work to replace a missing tooth?

A.) A porcelain fixed bridge is a type of mouth appliance that contains a man-made tooth. The tooth is constructed to rest securely in the space left by the missing tooth. Dental crowns are placed on both sides of the man-made tooth, and the man-made tooth is connected to the crowns. The dentist places the crowns over the natural teeth that are beside the space of the missing tooth. The crowns are secured to the natural teeth, so the bridge stays in the correct position.

Q.) Do individuals take the porcelain fixed bridge out of their mouth for cleaning?

A.) Once the fixed bridge is secured into place, individuals cannot remove the appliance from their mouth. People who have a fixed bridge use a toothbrush to brush the man-made tooth and the crowns at the same time they brush their natural teeth. A regular toothbrush and toothpaste are used on the appliance, and there are no special care instructions for the bridge.

Q.) Does a porcelain fixed bridge eventually wear out or come loose from the natural teeth?

A.) Many dental patients who have a porcelain fixed bridge have the appliance for over fifteen years. When individuals take good care of their teeth and the fixed bridge, the appliance stays in place and continues to function the same as their natural teeth. If the bridge breaks or the crowns come loose from the teeth, a dentist who specializes in Porcelain Fixed Bridges in Bethesda MD can construct a replacement bridge for the teeth.

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