Your Questions Answered About TMJ Therapy In Gilbertsville, PA

If you have pain and limited movement in your jaw, you most likely have a TMJ disorder. These symptoms are caused when there are issues with the temporomandibular joint or the bones that allow the joint to function. Individuals can relieve the symptoms associated with this disorder by visiting a dentist who specializes in TMJ Therapy in Gilbertsville PA. Read the question and answer section below to obtain additional information about TMJ disorders.

Q.) What causes an individual to have problems with the temporomandibular joint?

A.) Common reasons individuals have a TMJ disorder include trauma to the jaw, arthritis, or the presence of a cyst. People who habitually grind their teeth or those who have teeth that are misaligned can also suffer from a TMJ disorder. After an examination, a dentist will be able to diagnose a TMJ condition.

Q.) What are some of the most common symptoms of a TMJ disorder?

A.) In addition to soreness in the jaw, many individuals have headaches and pain in their ears. Some people notice a popping sound in their jaw as they move their mouth. It’s also common for individuals who have a TMJ disorder to experience a locked jaw, which occurs when the jaw joint locks in a fixed position.

Q.) What type of treatment is available to individuals who have a TMJ disorder?

A.) After making the diagnosis, a dentist who specializes in TMJ Therapy in Gilbertsville PA can treat the symptoms in various ways depending on the severity of the condition and the cause of the disorder. Individuals who have mild symptoms often get relief by applying a cold compress to the side of the sore jaw or through performing stretching exercises that target the head and neck. Individuals who have more severe cases of TMJ disorder may need to wear dental splints and participate in physical therapy. As a last resort, some people may be advised to have surgical procedures to relieve their TMJ disorder symptoms.

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