Temporary Bridges While Waiting to Qualify for Implant Dentistry Services in Camas WA

An accident that causes trauma to the face can result in a knocked-out front tooth or two. This might happen in a vehicle or bicycle accident, or an athletic event. People in their adult years or late teens typically can have these teeth replaced through Implant Dentistry Services in Camas WA. Younger patients will have to wait.

About Dental Implants

During implant dentistry, a dentist places an artificial tooth root into the jawbone, after which the rod requires time to bond with the bone. Later, an upper rod is added along with a cosmetic crown so the tooth looks entirely natural. A temporary bridge can be worn before this. The implant rod stimulates new bone cell growth during chewing, which is how normal teeth roots help keep the jaw strong.

Cosmetic Issues

Practitioners with a clinic such as Lewis Family Dentistry believe that all teeth are important, but they definitely understand the cosmetic issues associated with front teeth. A person may be willing to live without one of the back molars, but usually not without a tooth in the front. That gap has a serious negative effect on the person’s smile. A bridge replacement has cosmetic benefits, but it does not feel like natural teeth. It also does not stimulate the bone, which means density in that place gradually is lost.

Temporary Options Before Qualifying

A fixed or removable dental bridge is a suitable temporary option for boys and girls who are too young to have implants placed. Dentists want to wait until their jawbone structure is complete before providing Implant Dentistry Services in Camas WA. Some older patients also have to wait and can wear a bridge in the meantime. Many dentists will not place implants for patients who smoke, for example, because the risk of failure is too high.

Some men and women have lost a certain amount of bone density and will need grafts before they can have dental implants. This is especially common in older women after menopause, particularly if they have ever been smokers. The bone grafting process encourages new, healthy cell growth that builds up density and strength. You can also connect them on Facebook.