Family Dentistry in Sutherlin, OR Is a Great Option for Those Considering a Smile Makeover

One of a person’s best assets is their smile, yet many people fail to take advantage of this. They may refuse to smile as they are missing one or more teeth, the color of their teeth may not be to their liking, or they may feel they show too much gum when they smile. Regardless of why this is the case, family dentistry in Waukesha WI is a great option for those who want or need a smile makeover. A smile makeover differs from other procedures in that it is designed to provide a person with the smile they dream of rather than for restoring the mouth.

During a smile makeover, a dentist may recommend composite colored fillings to make restorative work more visually appealing. Individuals who have a number of silver fillings in the mouth may feel these diminish their appearance, but this no longer has to be the case. When teeth are crooked or chipped, veneers are an option to provide a more desirable look, and tooth whitening is an option for those who find they aren’t satisfied with the current shade of their teeth.

When teeth are missing or severely damaged, solutions are offered. Missing teeth may be replaced with the help of dentures, a bridge or dental implants. The right option depends on many factors. Thus a dentist will need to be consulted to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each. For some, a root canal and crown can restore the appearance of the tooth, but others find a dental implant will be the preferred choice to prevent bone loss in the jaw. As modern dentistry continues to advance, new solutions are provided on a regular basis.

Family Dentistry in Waukesha WI has come a long way over the years. Harvard Dental Group offers these and numerous other procedures to help clients who wish to undergo a smile makeover. If a patient has avoided the dentist due to his or fears of the chair or drill, sedation dentistry is offered. The goal is to ensure each patient obtains the smile they dream of in the shortest time possible. Contact the office today to begin the process, as they will work with you to find the treatment plan that is right for your needs and your budget.