Different Ways, a Dentist in Eagan…. MN, Can Replace Missing Teeth

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Dentist

Many people have a fear of losing their permanent teeth. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to lose teeth due to decay or injury. There is no reason to worry, however. With many advancements in cosmetic dentistry, there are several different treatments available to patients who want to replace missing teeth. Speak with a local Dentist in Eagan MN to determine which of these treatments would work the best for your unique situation.

Dentures or Partials

Two of the most commonly used treatments for missing teeth are dentures and partials. These two treatments are comprised of removable teeth that fill in the empty gaps. Dentures can be created to replace the entire row of upper or lower teeth. Partials, on the other hand, are used to replace a few missing teeth. Neither is considered a permanent procedure, as both dentures and partials can be removed. Most patients take out their false teeth in the evening to clean them. A Dentist in Eagan MN will work hard to make sure the false teeth look very realistic and fit properly in the patient’s mouth. Most patients find their dentures to be very comfortable, and many forget they are even wearing them.

Dental Implants

For patients looking for a permanent solution, dental implants may be an option. Implants are surgically placed directly into the jaw, and they look almost identical to natural teeth. Dakota Dental & Implant Center offers implants to patients who are healthy enough to undergo surgery. It is also important that the jaw bone has not receded too much. Patients who are considering implants should speak with their dentist very soon after losing a tooth. If they wait too long, the jaw bone may no longer be strong enough to support an implant post. With proper care, most implants can last the duration of the patient’s life without any problem.

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth should make an appointment with a local dentist to discuss treatment options. Dentures, partials, and implants are the main tooth replacement options currently used. Make sure to visit the website to see other cosmetic dentistry procedures that can enhance the appearance of your smile.

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