A Brief Guide For Dental Veneers In Roseburg, OR

In Oregon, cosmetic dentists provide extraordinary services to correct imperfections of the teeth. These procedures help the patient acquire more aesthetically pleasing teeth. They can provide a wide array of opportunities to enhance the teeth. Dental veneers in Roseburg OR are among the cosmetic opportunities available.

Correcting Severe Discoloration

Veneers are used to correct severe discoloration. They are better options than teeth whitening for more severe stains. The veneer is bonded to the exterior of the tooth enamel. This covers the discoloration completely. The dentist will cut away at the tooth enamel to acquire a more secure bond. The dentist will correct any sharp edges or misshapen portions of the device.

Reshaping the Teeth

Veneers are also viable for reshaping teeth. This is beneficial for treating slight alignment issues. It is also used to correct size and shape-related issues that make the smile displeasing. The dentist applies the veneers and achieves the preferred shape. They can also close in gaps and spaces in between teeth to make them appear more proportionate. This makes the teeth more aesthetically pleasing.

How are Veneers Installed?

The dentist creates an indention into the front side of the tooth enamel. The veneer is applied to the tooth. It is secured against the tooth enamel and bonded. The dentist may use an ultraviolet light to cure the veneer onto the tooth more securely. The dentist evaluates the installation to reduce potential issues later.

What is Patient’s Outlook After Installation?

The devices can last up to ten years with adequate care. The dentist explains the proper requirements for cleaning and maintaining the installation. They also evaluate the veneer thoroughly during a follow-up exam and annual checkups. If the patient experiences any issues, they should contact their dental professional immediately.

Oregon dental patients could acquire cosmetic treatments to enhance the look of their teeth. These treatments could eliminate stains and give the patient a breathtaking smile. Among these opportunities are Dental Veneers in Roseburg OR. These devices correct a wide variety of conditions and improve the smile. Patients who wish to acquire these or other cosmetic treatments should click here for more information today.