Allow the Dentist in Sylvania Ohio to Protect Your Tooth With a Crown

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Dentistry

A crown is a tooth-shaped shell that is placed over the top of a prepared tooth. These shells help to cover the tooth in protection and also improve its appearance so a person’s smile looks more attractive. Crowns are typically needed after a root canal or when damage has been done because of an injury, infection, or decay. The Dentist Sylvania Ohio can place a crown over any tooth in the mouth so a person’s smile looks more attractive than ever before. With this information, people can know what to expect when they have a crown put in place.

If the dentist decides a crown is the best form of treatment, they will first make impressions of the teeth. The impressions are given to the dental lab to ensure the crown is made to precise specifications so it properly covers the tooth and blends in well with the surrounding teeth. While a patient is waiting to receive their permanent crown, they may wear a temporary crown that is made of plastic. It typically takes about two weeks for a dentist to receive a crown from the lab unless they have an on-site dental lab.

Before a crown can be put in place, a dentist will need to shape the tooth being covered. This serves two parts: it removes much of the damaged tooth tissue and it ensures the tooth will be able to fit inside the crown properly. The shaping process makes the tooth slightly thinner and rounder so it is ready to have the crown bonded over it. Visit website for more information.

Once the crown has been prepared, the dentist will conduct a dry fitting to ensure the fit is just right before the crown is adhered to the tooth. The Dentist Sylvania Ohio will check for a perfect fit and will then use a special dental bonding agent to permanently attach the crown in place. Once in place, a crown can last up to fifteen years.

If you are interested in having the Dentist Sylvania Ohio place a crown over your tooth, call the office of Kozy Paul S DDS & Associates in Sylvania Ohio. They will provide you with the expert dental services you require, for a healthy and beautiful smile.

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