Conscious Sedation Dentist in Phoenix AZ, What Is It?

There are many people who are quite anxious when they are being subjected to dental care and treatment, for those people Conscious Sedation Dentist in Phoenix AZ is available. Sedation dentistry is commonly used with those patients that have anxiety disorders and other issues which makes dental work very uncomfortable for them. Those dentists that practice conscious sedation have a number of techniques at their disposal and they have received special training in sedation practices so that they can care for patients in a safe environment.

There are those who are anxious and nervous when they must go to the dentist and many are somewhat shy to discuss these apprehensions with the dentist. When a patient is nervous and uncomfortable, it is possible to be subjected to unnecessary risks. A person that has these issues can often distract the attention of the dentist and his staff, the dentist may not be able to complete the procedure or the patient could kick and flail out which further complicates matters.

In Conscious Sedation Dentist in Phoenix AZ, the patient is given a small dosage of a sedation medication, the medications can be administered orally prior to the start of the procedure, inhaled during the procedure or given by intravenous drip. During the procedure the patient remains awake but all anxiety and stress are eliminated hence the patient is relaxed and comfortable. The stress that is associated with dental work with these patients is suppressed and the patient goes through the procedure feeling euphoric and happy.

Sedation dentistry is not only used for patients who express high anxiety, it is also used during lengthy procedures where the patient may begin feeling certain discomfort, an example would be when several cavities are being attended too during one appointment. Children also can benefit from mild sedation as they often fail to comply with the expectations of the dentist, making the treatment more difficult than necessary. In addition to compliance on behalf of the child, when they are sedated this will help them prevent a future phobia about a dental visit.

Prior to the administration of a sedative the dentist will conduct a brief interview with the patient in an effort to uncover any potential risks or cause for concern, such as having had at one time a severe reaction to a sedative. When the dentist is confident that sedation is an available option, he or she will develop a sedation plan. Contact Op Dental Care today for more information.