Advantages Of Pin Hole Surgery

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Dental Care

The PST (Pinhole Surgical Technique) has been used for many years and is quickly becoming one of the best options available. Gum grafting is usually painful and extensive, but with pin hole surgery, it’s less invasive.

Traditional gum grafting requires a lot of trauma to the mouth because the tissue has to be removed from one area and placed in the recession area. With PST, no tissue has to be removed, and no incisions, grafting, or sutures are needed. Along with such, it is virtually pain-free. Most patients feel no pain at all, even after the procedure when they’re heating.

Pin hole surgery is also excellent because it requires less time to complete. Traditional gum grafting can take hours, which means you’re uncomfortable for longer periods. With PST, there are fewer steps involved, which ensures that the treatment time is shortened. If you only require it for a few teeth, the process can take as little as 20 minutes. The whole mouth rarely takes more than two hours. Along with such, downtime is shortened, as well. Traditional grafting took three weeks to heal while PST takes no downtime at all. Most patients can drink and eat the same evening as their treatment.

At National Periodontics, they realise that surgery isn’t an option for many. It’s scary and can cause complications. Their new PST treatment doesn’t require sutures or scalpels. Small holes are made in the gum line tissue to loosen the tissue and guide it over to the receded area. You won’t experience swelling or bleeding, which means you can relax while the procedure is done. It can be used to reduce ragged gum lines and reduce pockets of bacteria. Pin hole surgery is the perfect solution for those who have receding gums and don’t want a surgical procedure.

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