A Dentist In Honolulu Can Deliver A Brilliant Smile

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Dentist

If you have a chipped tooth, cavity or would like whiter teeth, a Dentist Honolulu can help. Dentists offer a wide variety of services to maintain outstanding oral health in their patients. Dental care should never be ignored. Oral health is important to overall health of the body. A small cavity in a tooth can release bacteria throughout someone’s body that could make them feel very ill. Gum disease can destroy the roots of a tooth and cause tooth loss. Missing teeth can affect how individual chews their food, speaks as well as their self-esteem. Once a tooth leaves the jaw area, other teeth will begin to shift. This can cause jaw pain and headaches.

Amalgam fillings were used for many years to restore a tooth damaged by decay. Amalgam fillings often left a dark shade to the tooth and didn’t look natural. Today’s dentist in Honolulu offers a bonding procedure to replace decay. A bonding material is placed in the tooth, and the color of the bonding material is matched to the natural tooth. Teeth that become chipped can also benefit from this type of procedure. The end result is a restored tooth that looks and feels completely natural.

Children and adults can benefit teeth that are straight. In addition to looking terrific when they smile, straight teeth assist in the structure of the facial features. For example, an individual who has lost several teeth will have a sunken appearance in that area of the mouth. Dentures are an option for some patients, but a new procedure of dental implants is becoming more popular. Dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. Instead of insertion of a bridge, a titanium post can be placed into the jawbone, and a permanent crown can be installed. The crown will look and feel like a natural tooth.

Dental care can improve your health and your self-esteem. Visit a dentist to discuss straightening, whitening, repairing and restoring your smile. When a dentist offers state-of-the-art treatment, it will make any procedure progress much smoother.

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