Making the Change From Pediatric Dentists to Family Dentists in Pampa TX

There comes a time when a child who has been going to a pediatric dentist has grown old enough that switching to a family dentist makes sense. Many pediatric dentists continue seeing patients through their teen years, but if a family moves away, this is an appropriate time to schedule teenage youngsters for appointments with a general dentist. The parents may schedule their own routine appointments with family Dentists in Pampa TX and schedule appointments for their older kids at the same time. That can be reassuring to teenagers who understandably are nervous about seeing a different dental practitioner.

The kids might not have paid much attention to their parents’ attitude about dental appointments until now. The adults may be a little nervous too since they aren’t going to the clinic where they’ve been patients for years. It’s important for the adults to convey an attitude of calmness and lack of anxiety about the situation. The teenager may ask how the parents decided on a new dentist; they should be ready to provide answers that will put the youngster’s mind at ease.

Many teenagers discover that going to family Dentists in Pampa TX for the first time is a welcome experience because they’ve outgrown the pediatric clinic. Even though they felt comfortable there, by now they may have been a little disconcerted at the emphasis on early childhood in the decorations and the publications in the waiting room. They are ready to be treated more like an adult at a clinic such as Panhandle Dental. Parents who need to find a family dentist may Click Here for details on this particular dental practice.

When going to a family dentist for the first time, teenagers will find that the procedures in a routine appointment are essentially the same. Typically, a dental hygienist provides professional teeth cleaning service that includes tartar removal and enamel polishing. The dentist performs the exam and has the dental assistant take X-rays if necessary. If the youngster has been practicing good oral hygiene, limits sugar intake to a reasonable amount, and has been seeing a dentist regularly, he or she shouldn’t need any cavities filled. Visit the website website domain for more information.