You Can Stop Tooth Sensitivity With a Visit to the Dentist Office in Grand Prairie TX

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Dental Care

Tooth sensitivity is more common than most people realize. When a tooth becomes sensitive, it can cause a range of sensations that can be painful and irritating. In some cases, the sensitivity becomes so pronounced a person is unable to eat the foods they normally enjoy. Exposure to heat and cold often bring on these unwanted sensations. When one is experiencing increased tooth sensitivity, it is important they make an appointment at the Dentist office in Grand Prairie TX. The dentist has treatment options that can help stop the pain.

When one goes to the dentist, they will carefully examine the patient’s teeth to determine what may be causing the sensitivity. Sensitivity can be caused by:

     *     Tooth injuries

     *     Decay

     *     Worn enamel

Whenever the enamel of a tooth is compromised, nerve sensations can occur. If a tooth injury is present, the dentist will carefully repair the damage to ensure the nerve is no longer being exposed. Cracks and chips can be repaired with dental compound materials that work to seal the tooth. It is crucial the damage is repaired before ongoing problems develop and the tooth must be pulled.

If decay is the cause of the increased sensitivity, the dentist will fill the tooth to stop the decay. Removing the decayed areas helps to ensure damage does not continue in the tooth. Once the tooth is sealed, the sensitivity should stop. Most people find immediate relief once their tooth has been treated.

Worn enamel is one of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity. The enamel can become worn because of poor oral care and brisk brushing. To help repair the enamel and strengthen it, the dentist will use a strong Fluoride treatment. These treatments are effective in stopping the pain or at least keeping it to a minimum.

Those who are suffering from increased tooth sensitivity should call and make an appointment at the Dentist office in Grand Prairie TX. For more information on the available dental treatments, visit website. They provide their patients with the dental care they are in need of to ensure they are able to keep a healthy and beautiful smile.

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