Three Services You Can Get From a Family Dentist Richmond Hill to Improve a Smile

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Dental Care

Many people think it’s necessary to visit an orthodontist to improve their smile. The truth is that a regular family Dentist Cooper City can help improve a patient’s smile in various ways. These are three:

Teeth Whitening
A regular dentist can perform one of the easiest and most affordable processes to improve your smile instantly. That process is called teeth whitening. The dentist can use a traditional bleach tray or lasers, depending on which tools the facility has.

Teeth bonding in Richmond Hill is another procedure a dentist can do to improve your smile. Teeth bonding in Richmond Hill involves bonding something onto the surface of the natural teeth to create a fuller or straighter look. The bonding procedures are more likely to be effective if the misalignment or blemish is small rather than large. Many dentists apply veneers to their patients’ teeth to correct minor problems.

A dentist can also install crowns and bridges to resolve issues with missing teeth and teeth alignment problems. In the right situation, a dentist can create a bridge for a patient if that patient does not want to go through the process of getting extensive orthodontic treatment.

Dentists are capable of reaching out of the scope of teeth cleaning and pulling. Many of them are trained to perform other tasks. Therefore, you should not be afraid to talk to your dentist about your cosmetic options. Contact Dentistry By Design for more information on teeth bonding and other cosmetic procedures.

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