Thinking About Dental Implants? 3 Questions to Ask Your Dental Professional

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Dentist

There’s no question that your smile is not what it was in the past. More teeth need to be removed, and that means finding the right solution. While dental implants are something you’ve heard about, there’s a lot you don’t know. You can bet that an implants dentist in Bloomingdale can help you explore this option. Here are some of the more common questions that patients ask when they’re wondering if dental implants are right for them.

Will They Look Natural?

It’s not unusual for patients to wonder what dental implants will look like once they’re in place. The fact is that they tend to look more like the real thing than any other solution. That’s because the implants are scaled to be the proper size and shape. Once they are in, no one will know you have implants unless you decide to tell them.

Do I Have More Than One Implant Option?

As your implants dentist in Bloomingdale will explain, there is more than one option to consider. Assuming you have excellent bone structure and density, you’re a candidate for all of them.

Individual implants are an option. They fill in the spaces vacated by real teeth, including the empty sockets where the tooth roots used to reside. There’s also a procedure known as All-on-Four that makes it possible to insert four implants in the upper and lower gums. Once in place, dental plates are attached to the implants. Of the two approaches, the latter takes less time to complete.

How Long Will the Implants Last?

Just as you can chip or damage a real tooth, it’s possible to damage the crown on your implant. Outside of that, there’s no reason why those implants won’t last the rest of your life. Many people live with the same set of implants for decades. Your implants dentist in Bloomingdale can provide more information about how to take care of them properly and ensure that they last for a long time.

Do you have more questions about dental implants? Our team at Pure Dental Spa is ready to provide answers. Call us today and check out the information we offer about implants. It won’t take long to decide if this is the right choice for you.

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