The Progressive Treatments Available at a Dentist in Waimanalo, HI

It doesn’t matter where you live in this country; quality dental care is never too far away. Whether someone is located in the heart of New York City or on one of the Hawaiian islands, at some point they will require the services of a professional dental clinic. No one should be treated by a provider who implements outdated methods, has limited social skills, or doesn’t employ a gentle touch. It’s more preferable to visit a likable, caring physician who uses state-of-the-art technology in a comforting atmosphere. Individuals are searching for such a dentist in Waimanalo, HI should visit the office of Howard H. Carrico III, DDS.

Specializing in general dentistry, Dr. Carrico offers a wide array of services to keep teeth healthy as well as restore damaged smiles to their original beauty. Patients can come in for a standard cleaning, receive a fluoride treatment, and have x-rays taken as part of their routine treatment. These preventative procedures are administered every six months to ensure minimal tooth decay and cavity production. Patients who are progressive with their dental health can also opt for protective sealants. These are applied to their molars to increase protection and avoid excess degradation.

In addition to these preventative treatments, the office offers a program called One Visit Dentistry. This process generally applies to patients who require more invasive dental work. It revolves around a CEREC computer system that uses digital imagery and scanning technology to create veneers, crowns, and fillings. These custom fitted designs fit perfectly into a patient’s smile and can be created within an hour’s time. In one sitting, an individual can have their dental problem corrected and resume a normal life without having to wait several weeks for their restorative inserts to be created off-site.

If a smile is healthy and strong, patients also have the chance to improve its appearance. Dr. Carrico’s office offers several cosmetic treatments that can bring a whole new luster to a set of teeth. From something as simple as a teeth whitening procedure to the adhesion of porcelain veneers or insertion of Invisalign alignment pieces, this dentist in Waimanalo has everything ready and waiting for his patients. A person can walk into an appointment with a stained, irregular set of teeth and, within a couple of visits, leave the office with a beautiful, confident smile.