The Latest Innovations in Pediatric Dentistry in Grand Prairie, TX

Parents everywhere want their children to have the healthiest, most beautiful smiles possible. The dental world is constantly evolving, and new procedures and tools are always being introduced. There are many helpful innovations that have recently become popular in pediatric dentistry in Grand Prairie TX.

Cavity Protection

Cavities are very prevalent in children. The high occurrence of dental decay may be due to a number of factors, including poor dental hygiene, weak tooth enamel, and genetics. No matter the reason, parents want to do everything possible to prevent dental cavities in their children.

Many dentists offer special sealants to protect young teeth from decay. Dentists paint the sealant material on the chewing surfaces of the most vulnerable teeth. Molars are the most commonly treated. Once this thin, plastic coating dries, it acts as a protective shield to prevent damage to the enamel.

No More Needles

Most kids hate getting shots. The fear of needles very common, and this is one of the primary reasons children develop a fear of the dentist. Pediatric dentistry in Grand Prairie TX has evolved, and many dental clinics are now offering needle-free anesthesia.

One needle-free option uses a gentle electrical current to numb the area. This anesthesia is very effective and completely painless to use. Another variety uses a topical medication that can precisely numb specific areas of the mouth. Patients usually don’t experience numbness in their lips or face with needle-free anesthesia.


If going to the dentist evokes fear in a child, the parent should ask about sedation options. Many dentists now practice sedation dentistry. Sedation helps to calm fearful patients and makes it easier to get extensive dental work done.

The two main types of sedation used in local clinics are laughing gas and oral medications. Laughing gas works to relax the patient. Some patients even giggle during treatment. Oral medications usually cause patients to feel drowsy. It’s not uncommon for a patient to sleep through the entire procedure.

Young patients now have many innovative treatments available to help improve their oral health. Carrier Dentistry wants every patient to feel at ease. Be sure to ask your dentist which type of innovative procedures they are currently offering their pediatric patients.