Save Damaged Teeth

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Dentist

If you have a large cavity or if you damage a tooth, then you will need specialized treatment to fix the problem. To avoid losing the tooth, you will need a root canal from Glenview, Il., dentists as quickly as possible. Without treatment for the infection in the tooth, the inflammation can spread to the gum tissue and alveolar bones, requiring additional surgery. After collecting X-rays of your mouth, the dentist will anesthetize you for the procedure that involves drilling into the top of the tooth to remove the pulp, nerves and roots.

Recover At Home

The interior portion of the tooth is rinsed thoroughly to remove any debris or bacteria, and the dentist will fill it with a substance that will harden to support the enamel. While you are in surgery, a dental laboratory technician will make a customized crown to place over the tooth. This crown is made to cover the remaining shell of the tooth from the top to the bottom, and it will match the color of your surrounding teeth. After the crown is placed over the tooth, you will need to recover at home for a few days because your jaw may swell, and it is difficult to talk and chew food.

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To alleviate any pain, you should use an ice pack on your face, or you can take painkillers. Within a few days, you shouldn’t have any pain from a root canal in Glenview, but if you are having problems, then you should visit your dentist. Caring for your dental crown is the same as caring for your natural teeth, so you should make sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly. Contact us at Dental Specialists of North Shore, or you can visit our website.

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