Pain Free Dentistry In Castle Hill

by | May 3, 2019 | Dental Care

Most people worry about going to the dentist because they are fearful of experiencing pain. Even if you’re currently in pain from a toothache or something more severe, you still worry about getting an injection or feeling any discomfort. However, pain free dentistry in Castle Hill is available, and it can help you relax and stay calm during any procedure, even those that are extensive or challenging.

For many, sedation dentistry is one of the best things that a dentist offers because it can relieve anxiety. You can be comfortable and stop avoiding the dentist because you’re fearful before you even get there.

Pain free dentistry in Castle Hill can also reduce your gag reflex. While gagging can be helpful in some cases, it doesn’t work so well when your dentist has instruments in your mouth and is trying to work. The sedative you get can help relax the throat a little while the dentist works, preventing you from gagging and being uncomfortable. Plus, the dentist is likely to work faster. You’re not fighting them all the time by trying to close your mouth or moving your head away from the instruments. The dentist works more efficiently, which means you’re sitting in the chair less.

Hills Dental Care offers pain free dentistry in Castle Hill. Most people think you go under general anaesthetic, but this isn’t the case. Your dentist can give you a measured combination of anxiety- and pain-relieving drugs that help you remain calm and relax. You may get drowsy and want to fall asleep, but some patients do not sleep through the procedure. Instead, you’re relaxed and don’t mind listening to instructions and having the tools near your face or having the dentist so close to your face. You can also play music that’s calming to help with the experience.

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