Health Advantages That You’ll Get From Seeing Your Dentist In Chatswood

Going to your dentist in Chatswood may be the last thing on your mind. You’ll find any excuse not to go because you may experience discomfort or pain, or may be told that you have some horrible condition because you put off going. However, putting off the inevitable can lead to serious medical problems, so it’s best to go, talking to them about sedation and other options that may make it more comfortable of an experience.

Reduce Stroke/Heart Attack

No one wants to think about having a heart attack or stroke, but studies have shown that you’re at a higher risk if you don’t get your teeth cleaned and scraped by a professional. Even doing so once in your adult life can reduce your risk, so imagine how regular cleanings could keep your risk lower.

It works because chronic gum inflammation is caused by bacteria. Therefore, when you have the gums and teeth cleaned, blood flow and function is improved, which can reduce inflammation elsewhere in the body.


Oral cancers can be severe, but if you choose to have regular exams from your dentist in Chatswood, they may catch the cancer sooner, which can help save your life. Symptoms of oral cancer include sores that won’t heal, white patches on the gums and unusual bleeding. However, you may have no signs or symptoms and could still have oral cancer. Regular dental visits and exams can ensure that your gums and tissue is healthy.

Gum Disease

While most people don’t think of gum disease as a severe problem, it can be associated with other illnesses. Plus, gingivitis could lead to tooth loss if not treated. It can also destroy your gums and bones, as well. Therefore, it’s best to have regular dental visits to ensure that you don’t have or can treat gum disease. For more details, contact Artarmon Dentists today!