Get the Facts When Choosing Between Implants and Dentures in Warner Robins, GA

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Dental

Suffering from severe dental problems can often be difficult to handle for many Warner Robins, GA area residents. Not only can the pain from a broken or infected tooth become unbearable at times, they can also pose significant health risks to a patient if not taken care of quickly. In many cases, an infection itself must be taken care of before a dentist will even be able to focus on repairing or replacing the tooth that was affected. The risk of the infection entering the blood stream is often too great to risk, leading the dentist in question to prescribe antibiotics to clear it out before they will do any work.

When a tooth is infected, a root canal is usually the most common treatment available. If the tooth is damaged, however, a dentist may not be able to crown it after the procedure. In these types of situations, they will normally recommend one of two options for the patient to choose from. These options include dental implants and dentures in Warner Robins, GA to replace the teeth in their entirety. Crowning a tooth will only work if a tooth has anything left to cement the crown onto. In most cases, once a tooth becomes infected, it will likely need a root canal to remove the nerve. The infection itself will have already weakened the affected tooth, and further weakening will be caused by the removal of the nerve itself.

Most dentists, however, will recommend dental implants over dentures in Warner Robins, GA. for a variety of reasons. The most common being that dentures will flatten the bone underneath the gum they press against over time, leading to the requirement of future bone grafts being performed to rebuild the bone back up. Dental implants, on the other hand, have a metal anchor that gets implanted into the bone and act like the original tooth’s root. Every time the patient chews, the anchor will excite the bone and promote bone growth around it to keep the jaw bones healthy. Dentures, however, can also carry the risk of bacteria build up underneath them as well. Regardless of how well they are maintained and cleaned, dentures can trap food and other items that can cause bacteria throughout the day. For more information, visit Dentistry At Houston Lake to learn more about these and other dental options available.

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