Find An Affordable And Reputable Dentist In Salem, OR

As many Salem area residents know, simply brushing and flossing at home will not protect their teeth forever. While it may be a healthy addition for their dental hygiene, visiting a dentist as often as possible will greatly increase their chances of having healthier teeth over the years. Brushing and flossing at home often gets forgotten or neglected at times, leaving gaps in their protection against bacteria and food particles, due to busy work or family schedules. Visiting a Dentist in Salem OR for routine checkups, dental cleanings, and whitening procedures can help fill in these gaps and better protect the patient’s teeth over time.

Cavities can show up at any time in a person’s life, regardless of how often they brush or floss. The strength of a family’s dental enamel is usually considered to be genetic, so if there is a history of weakened teeth in a patient’s family they may end up suffering from it as well. This weakening can lead to breaks, cracks, chips, or cavities without them realizing it, making it essential to visit their dentist in Salem OR as regularly as possible for checkups. Once the enamel starts to weaken, without chemical treatments it will not be capable of remaining strong enough over time. This is why many dentists prefer to perform cosmetic dental procedures like veneers or implants for patients who suffer from weakened enamel.

Veneers are simply covers for teeth, similar to a crown but more natural looking. They are usually made of porcelain which can be just as strong in many cases, and will last a patient for many years without requiring any replacement. Dental implants, on the other hand, are comprised of a metal anchor screw and a porcelain tooth cap that sits on top of the anchor. The anchor will act as a normal tooth’s root, by promoting bone growth as the patient chews. This can help keep the bone beneath the implant healthy over time. Many reputable dental practices, like Riverfront Dental LLC, offer a variety of other treatments as well that can help patients with weakened enamel or other dental problems.