Diamond Burrs for the Cleanest Cut

Dentists around the world use different types of burrs to provide patients with crucial treatments everyday. Burrs are used alongside traditional dental handpieces to cut away hard tissue in the mouth during a plethora of procedures. Though small, these tiny drills are crucial for dentists, and being sure to use the highest quality possible is of the utmost importance for success.

Burrs come in an array of shapes and sizes, and they can be made of several different materials, though none are as reliable and efficient as diamond burrs. These are most typically used to grind the tooth’s enamel, as diamond is the hardest material available for making burrs, leaving a rough surface for the dentist to work with when he/she requires a precise cut. They are most often used in conjunction with high-speed handpieces and are available across the spectrum of grits from very coarse to ultra-fine. Diamond burrs are incredibly effective in cutting away restorative porcelain.

Strauss Diamond Instruments, Inc. creates each burr with the assurance of 100 percent quality control. Each instrument design is manually checked by hand, one-by-one, to ensure the best outcome for valued customers. Using advanced electroplating, each burr is fully coated in diamond, increasing the lifespan of the tool while maximizing efficiency so much so that practitioners are able to complete procedures using only a single burr. Investing in a burr manufactured by Strauss Diamond Instruments promotes lasting results for both dental practitioners as well as their patients.