2 Things You Should Consider When Choosing A New Dental Mirror

When it comes to servicing your dental clients properly, having the proper skill set is important. However, when you want to separate yourself from the competition, then you must use tools that are equally as great, as well. One of the tools that you use the most is your Dental Mirror. Since this tool is instrumental in helping to guide your work, you should choose very wisely.

As you know, dental mirrors are not necessarily one-size-fits-all and can vary in size shape, and even design. Not only should your mirror be able to perform well, but it should be comfortable as well. Here are some tips to help you out when choosing a new mirror.


  • Metal
    While a metal mirror may seem like it would be the most durable, you may find it difficult to get a nice clear view of your work with these. Furthermore, the surface can tend to scratch very easily which may pose a problem since you will be using very sharp tools.
  • Glass
    Glass mirrors are either coated with rhodium, chromium, or titanium and can be much more durable than metal. While these mirrors aren’t necessarily scratch-resistant, they do typically have two sides, so that you may use the other side should you scratch one.


  • Occlusal
    When taking dental pics, choosing the larger version, 4xl, can be much easier for you or your patient to hold.
  • Buccal and Lingual
    Due to its S-shape, a lingual mirror can make it much easier to get a view in hard to reach places. Both the lingual and buccal have a narrower side, however, the buccal has a round side that may be difficult to maneuver in a smaller mouth.

The right Dental Mirror can help make your work much easier and your view much clearer. You want a tool that is easy to handle, and comfortable for the patient.