Commonly Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening In Amarillo, Texas

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Dental Care

Individuals who have taken advantage of teeth whitening at a dental office are very happy with their results. Many people have considered getting their teeth whitened but they have unanswered questions about the procedure. The information below answers commonly asked questions about Teeth Whitening in Amarillo, Texas.

What are the reasons why people get their teeth whitened?

Some individuals have their teeth whitened because they’re self-conscious about their discolored teeth. When a dentist whitens a person’s teeth they feel better about themselves and they aren’t embarrassed to smile.

Others have their teeth whitened prior to their wedding, a class reunion or other special occasions. Many individuals have their teeth whitened or touched-up regularly so they can have the brightest smile possible.

Is teeth whitening effective for whitening teeth?

When individuals have their teeth whitened, they will see a change, but the results are different for everyone. Those who have a natural gray hue to their teeth, because of the side effects of tetracycline, won’t see as much of an improvement as other individuals.

Teeth Whitening in Amarillo, Texas can lighten discoloration that’s caused by eating and drinking foods that stain the teeth. Individuals who want to have this procedure done must have healthy teeth and gums, and a recent check-up by a dentist.

How does teeth whitening work at a dental office?

When individuals schedule a teeth whitening procedure at a dentist’s office, such as Panhandle Dental, the dentist protects the gums and then applies a special gel to the teeth. After the gel has time to work, it’s rinsed from the teeth. Individuals notice the results immediately because their teeth are lighter.

Another option is to have the dentist make trays that fit a person’s teeth. Once at home, individuals place gel into the trays and place them on their teeth. Individuals should notice the results of whiter teeth in approximately two weeks.

Residents in and around Amarillo can Click Here to schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening services. Individuals can choose from having their teeth whitened in the office or by purchasing a home kit with customized trays. Both methods can produce dramatic results and whiter teeth.

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