You Can Receive a One-Visit Crown With Dental Services in Beaumont ,TX

When a crown is needed, a person sometimes has to wait days before their crown can be created and put in place. Thankfully, new technology has allowed for one-visit crowns. These crowns are made by a special machine so the crown is precisely fitted and shaded to match the patient’s teeth. Crowns are often needed when a patient breaks their tooth or it has become badly stained. A crown surrounds a natural tooth with protection and makes the tooth look more attractive because any damage is hidden under a tooth-shaped crown. With this information, a person will know what to expect from crown Dental Services in Beaumont TX.

Patients who come in for a crown from Dental Services in Beaumont TX can benefit from a CEREC machine. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Without this machine, a patient would need to have tooth impressions made and then need to have a temporary plastic crown put in place. The CEREC machine works through a computer-aided design and manufacturing program.

The dentist will first take a clear image of the damaged tooth. The image is transferred to the computerized machine where it will be used to create the perfect crown for the patient. Once the dentist has designed the new crown’s color and perfect shape, the machine takes over and begins creating the crown to exacting specifications. The entire process typically takes under an hour.

Once the crown has been created, the dentist simply cements it in place over the tooth so the damage is completely covered. These crowns can be put in place anywhere in the mouth and can help a person to regain their self-esteem. With these CEREC machines, patients are able to receive the ceramic tooth repairs they need for a more beautiful smile.

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