Invisalign For Adults – A “Fix Your Smile” Solution Of Cosmetic Dentistry In Roseburg, Oregon

Today, many adults decide that it’s not too late to discuss getting braces with a dentist offering Cosmetic Dentistry Roseburg Oregon. A great smile is a confidence-booster in business and at social events. Studies have found that a smile is the first thing others notice and extremely important in forming a first impression. Those are probably not the primary reason pushing an adult to consider braces. They simply want to feel better about themselves and stop hiding their teeth behind a closed-lip smile.

However, adults generally don’t want wire and steel braces any more than kids do. They would prefer not to wear old-fashioned braces to work or on dates. Invisalign provides an ideal alternative. Most people won’t even realize that braces are being worn.

Invisalign – the “Invisible” Braces

Invisalign straightens teeth with custom-made aligners made from clear BPA-free plastic. They are smooth, comfortable and almost invisible when worn over the teeth. A dentist practicing Cosmetic Dentistry Roseburg Oregon creates a 3-D image of the teeth using X-rays and impressions that will be used to create the series of aligners. This information is also used for a plan detailing how the teeth will need to move to achieve the desired outcome.

Over time, the teeth slowly shift into place. Approximately every two weeks a new set of aligners is popped into place until the treatment has been completed. There is very little interference with daily activities. Maintenance is easy, consisting of cleaning the aligners with the Invisalign Cleaning System or rinsing them in warm water. Depending upon the patient’s needs, the treatment will last from six months to two years. Visit here for more details.

The Benefits of Invisalign

When compared to clunky wire and steel braces, Invisalign offers many benefits that adults appreciate.

     *     Aligners are practically invisible

     *     They are easy to remove

     *     Food will not get stuck (bits of food can get stuck in the wires of traditional braces)

     *     People eat whatever they want

     *     They are comfortable (wires can cause discomfort)

Invisalign can be used to successfully treat a wide range of dental problems including:

     *     Crooked and protruding teeth

     *     Overbite or underbite

     *     Gaps between teeth

     *     Crowded teeth

Invisalign may well be the solution to finally achieving the fabulous smile you’ve been missing. To find out if Invisalign is the answer for you, contact the Business Name for a free Invisalign consultation. They offer a wide range of services including General and Cosmetic Dentistry Roseburg Oregon.