Get the Best Care for Your Toothache with These Tips

You should never assume that your toothache is not a big deal or that treatment can wait. Tooth pains that remain constant require a professional’s proper diagnosis and treatment. You have to find out from a dentist if you have an infection in order to prevent more serious problems from happening, such as an infection spreading to other parts of your body and possibly go through your bloodstream. Seeking immediate medical attention from a dentist who can treat a toothache in Arlington Heights is always advised.


It is vital to have an idea of what should happen when you visit your dentist for a toothache. When you get to your dentist’s office, your dentist should ask you questions regarding your medical history as well as conduct an exam. They should also ask you a series of questions about your toothache, such as how severe the pain is, and when you first noticed the pain. If an examination cannot determine the route of your pain, then your dentist should order further tests, such as X-rays. Once your dentist has determined what is causing your pain, he/she can choose the best method of treatment.


Like with any ailment, a remedy for a toothache depends on the cause. If your doctor realizes that a cavity is causing your toothache, then your dentist should fill the cavity. Sometimes, a tooth extraction is needed if the cavity is severe. If the cause of your tooth pain is an infection in your tooth’s nerve, then a root canal is the best course of action. You might need a basic form of treatment such as a course of antibiotics if there is a bacteria in your mouth that has caused an infection. If your dentist cannot see the problem on the surface, then imaging is required. Based on the results of those images, it should let the dentist know if it is something he/she can perform in his/her office, or if you need to seek your treatment from an oral surgeon. Regardless of the cause, your dentist should be qualified and prepared enough to steer you in the right plan of action.

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