Eliminate the Stress and Fear of Visiting Your Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Fearing the dentist is incredibly common and widespread in our society. Everyone gets a little nervous when visiting the dentist, but it is important to distinguish between general anxieties and specific phobias. A Family Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO can assist with both these issues. Going to the dentist office regularly is essential in maintaining your oral health, which can alleviate some of your anxieties and phobias. However, it is still strongly recommended that you seek other professional help to better treat these issues.

Dental Anxieties and Phobias

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental phobia is a very real problem that affects 15% of the world’s population. But there are patients whose issues extend past their dental clinic visit. They suffer a significant lack of sleep, unbalanced emotions, and stress-induced physical symptoms caused by the thought of visiting their dentist. While many will openly acknowledge their fears, some will allow these fears to keep them from visiting their dentist.

Making regular appointments with your dentist should always be a priority. The pains, bad breath, or the appearance of one’s teeth serves to remind them that postponing an appointment will only cause more complications. If fear overpowers the need for seeking dental services, talk with a family dentist in Colorado Springs, CO to help you work past this fear.

What Causes Dental Anxiety and Stress?

Fear of the dentist can be personal and varies from one person to another. Many people that suffer from dental and odontophobia recognize that their fears stem from previous poor experiences, or by the negative experiences their family or friends have endured.

These negative experiences lead to the worry of pain during a tooth extraction or other common dental procedures.

Dental anxiety can also stem from:

1. The possibility of humiliation, commonly imagined coming from the comments the dentist or their office staff would make.

2. Uncertainties on what will happen during the visit, contributing to a lack of patient control.

3. White coat syndrome, or high blood pressure, which is commonly associated with pain and discomfort.

4. Believing that most treatments are uncomfortable, and that your mouth will be painfully stretched open, blocking your airway. This generates feelings of insecurity and vulnerability.

5. Regardless of the professional opinions the dentist offers, they are perceived incorrectly, and the end result of the visit will be cause irreparable damage to your oral health.

Dentists are professionals, and they studied for years to ensure your oral health is excellent for years to come. Trust your dental provider’s advice and judgment.

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