Dental Implants in Massapequa: Some Interesting Facts

People often talk about the placement of dental implants, its function, and its benefits. It is common knowledge that this is a completely standardized procedure with which a patient can recover the functionality and oral intervention of their smile. Despite the high demand for this treatment, many people remain unaware of the basics of this technique. For this reason, this article will discuss some interesting facts about Dental Implants in Massapequa.

98% of dental implants integrate into the jawbone successfully. In addition, it is one of the most durable dental restorations since 9 out of 10 implants last several decades, even after placement. Despite what many people think, dental implants must be cared for as if they were natural dentition. To add, oral diseases may appear as well. A good example of this is peri-implantitis. This is the method of dental restoration recommended by many dentists, mainly because it offers natural aesthetics, durability, reliability, and comfort.

Tobacco is the biggest enemy of dental implants, especially during the process of osseointegration of the implant in the jawbone. In fact, most cases see a graft rejection. Peri-implantitis is the most common disease related to Dental Implants in Massapequa. Among the consequences of this disease, which can involve the avoidance of a complete oral hygiene routine, dentists must highlight that bone loss and the consequent loss of dental implant is possible.

People can envision many details of this common intervention today. In fact, many patients who go to their dentist want to recover both oral aesthetics and functionality with treatment. On the other hand, dentists constantly hear the same questions being asked by patients. Is the placement of a dental implant a painful procedure? The answer to this is no. Despite what many people believe, it is a painless process although it is rather long and complex. This is because this type of surgery is performed under local anesthesia. In addition, people who want some sort of assisted sedation can benefit from the advantages it provides, which not only reduces nervousness and anxiety, but also minimizes discomfort to the fullest. Visit Website Url  or contact a local dentist’s office to learn more.