Decay Must Be Treated at the Dental Clinic in Jackson MI

Decay is one of the biggest threats to the health of a person’s teeth. When decay is present, it can quickly spread and cause massive destruction in a person’s smile. Unfortunately, decay begins with very few or even no symptoms. It is not until it becomes severe when patients begin to experience outward signs, such as pain. This is why it is important people see their dentist at the Dental Clinic in Jackson MI. Yearly dental appointments can allow the dentist to find decay in its earliest stages so it can be treated before major damage occurs.

When a person is dealing with the signs of decay, they need to be seen at the Dental Clinic in Jackson MI. The dentist will first examine the patient to see if any signs of decay are present. The outward signs of decay are dark and white spots, pain, problems chewing, foul breath, and increased sensitivity. The dentist will then take X-rays. X-rays are crucial for diagnosing the early signs of decay.

An X-ray can also reveal how deep the cavity runs. Most decay issues can be treated as long as they are above the gumline. If the decay has spread down into the root area, the tooth will most likely need to be extracted because it will continue to break down and eventually die. It is important the dentist is able to properly diagnose the issue so the right treatment can be used to stop the progression of decay.

To treat decay, the dentist will first need to try and remove as much of the diseased tissue as possible. If the decay is left behind, it will continue to break down the tooth tissue and eventually destroy the tooth. Once the tissue has been removed, the dentist will fill the tooth to make it stronger and less likely to be damaged.

If you are experiencing the signs of decay in your teeth, it is important you seek dental treatment right away. For more information, browse around this website. They offer a full range of dental treatments to meet the needs of their patients. Call them right away for your appointment.