The Importance of Dentists, Find One in Old Town Chicago

Routine dental care is essential to your oral hygiene. The ADA recommends that you visit dentists twice a year or every six months. Old Town Chicago residents who are fearful may worry about going for a cleaning and check-up. Many fear that they may find something wrong that costs a lot or requires a lot of treatments to fix. While this can happen, it is less likely to occur when you visit a dentist regularly. They check your head, neck, teeth, gums, and throat to ensure that everything looks normal and healthy.

Overall Health

Most Old Town Chicago residents have heard that poor dental health can cause a variety of issues, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. Dentists are there to prevent these issues by keeping plaque and tartar away from your teeth. You also do your part by brushing and flossing between dental visits.

However, you may not be aware that your oral health can affect your overall health. If you’ve got gum disease, it can cause you to have a higher risk for stroke or heart disease. Along with such, it can also lead to complications with diabetes.

Specialties/Extra Protection

Many times, your dentist does more than routine checkups and cleanings, called general dentistry. They can also offer sleep dentistry to help you relax during long procedures. They may also provide cosmetic dentistry, such as tooth whitening so that your smile looks its best. Along with such, they can offer dental implants, Invisalign (clear braces) wisdom tooth removal, and many other services.

Dentists are there to protect your teeth and help you feel confident about smiling. Visit Chicago Smile Design in Old Town Chicago at to learn more about their services or schedule a consultation.