3 Dentures Vancouver Facts

No matter how well you have cared for your teeth, with age, some may fail and fall out. If you have missing teeth, or teeth that are about to give out, you have replacements options. Dentures South Loop, for example, is one option, and within the dentures category, you can pick among immediate dentures, overdentures and removable partials.

When you are trying to make your decision, here are three denture facts to consider.


Before you dentist offers you one dental solution over another, he will conduct a thorough visual inspection as well with X-rays. While missing teeth are obvious, he needs to understand what is happening in your gums, too. A dentist cannot offer patients solutions that could cause further problems, so expect to be evaluated, first. For missing teeth, sometimes, dental implants make sense. Other times, based on a patient’s current status and circumstances, dentures are the way to go.

What are the Different Types of Dentures?

If a patient’s teeth are too far gone, he may decide to pull out any that remain and insert immediate dentures following the teeth removal procedure. Immediate dentures replace missing teeth, help stop bleeding and help the gums heal, appropriately. Overdentures attach to remaining teeth while covering gaps from missing teeth. Removable dentures are held together by a metal framework that attaches to remaining teeth. The removable dentures Vancouver is ideal for patients with several missing teeth but still have a few of their own left.

Time Frame

The time frame for each denture option varies. It depends on how many teeth are missing and how many of your own viable teeth you still have. After an evaluation, your dentist will present your options and the steps that follow.